LPS with a giant urges step three/ Woke up this morning and found <a href="https://datingranking.net/es/citas-de-herpes/">sitios de citas para adultos con herpes</a> one to my personal Faviid had found particular food

Faviid eating hermit crab! Cant believe that there mouth can open so wide. There goes one of my blue legged crabs. . Expensive too if it becomes a habit. Ha! Best regards, Anthony>

If you would become prepared to offer the permission, am i able to dilemmas you to definitely posting the original (full-sized) image if you ask me within and you can duplicate it in order to here also in case Bob really wants to post/utilize it?

Hermit crab ? Fixing to buy some hermit crabs and I was wondering if there were any another animals I could put in the aquarium with them. Thanks!

A Crab-Eat-Crab-World? Just a quick question. I just put 1 electric blue hermit crab into my 55 gallon tank. he is about an inch and a half to two inches long and was told by the local fish store that he was no danger to my several small (1/4 – 1/2 inch long) blue legged hermits. Please let me know if you see a potential problem with this situation. Thanks much, you guys are great.

I just noticed after feeding the fish tonight that a hermit shell is inside of my Rose Brain (Trachyphyllia geoffroyi),

Hermit Shell fell inside of Open Brain coral Anthony and or Crew, Sorry about using the old e-mail, but I could not get my browser to work for some reason. I have just started to read “Book of Coral Propagation” and both this web site, Bob’s, and yours books have been very helpful but I have not found anything about this particular problem. minor correction: a Rose Brain is an illegal Atlantic genus of Manicina. you can a regular Open Brain Coral from Indo likely> I sure hope the coral had a nice meal? The hermit crab probably fell from the rock that is close by into the coral if I take my best guess. My question is should I go ahead an gently try and remove the shell or should I let the coral try and push it out? I know Anthony I left the door open on that last part LOL. > I have also attached two pictures for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for your help. be Smiling TTFN Sean

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