Quickly locate the asset via GPS satellites

Asset monitoring has been in the centre of Nexis, and it’s obvious whenever you dive into our very own GPS Tracking Map display. Loaded from any net enabled web browser Nexis produces a total summary of your whole fleet, with essential journey record playback received by GPS satellites. Powerful company data at the click of a button!

  • Precise GPS areas for all your assets
  • Alive ignition on / off data
  • Crucial trip playback
  • aˆ?Follow this vehicleaˆ? function
  • Key increase and path playback functions

Telematics Stating

GPS information is just a tiny section of Nexis, with these collection of bespoke and tailormade telematic states it really is not ever been easier to see crucial data and statistics remotely for almost any house.

Engine Application Data

Nexis demonstrably demonstrates a possessions application and displays this information to your consumer, extracting consumption based on individual assets or perhaps the whole fleet! By-hour, time, month or 12 months! Maintaining your in charge of resource maintenance plus unauthorized usage.

Servicing Manager

Staying with manufacturer recommended maintenance is essential for any companies, for this reason the Nexis maintenance supervisor will track usage (both miles moved + several hours put) to demonstrably and specifically display important use of their fleet. Not only can Nexis collect this information for you personally, but it will alert you whenever a valuable asset is actually approaching manufacturers suggested services schedules and they’re followed as well.

Ignition & System Monitoring

Resource application and reporting include critical for a business, for this reason Nexis not merely information and notifications users predicated on ignition on or off activity but additionally if the possessions engine is on or down. This will be particularly important for extreme idle revealing or an aesthetic indication, and on occasion even if an asset will be put or simply just seated with just the ignition on!

Gas Container Monitoring

We recognize that only a few fleets tend to be providers motors, as well as have incorporated energy tank spying and tabs on isolated liquid tanks into Nexis. This might be always positively track gas levels of any type of fluid based your online business needs.

Utilisation Revealing

In the event that you run a fleet of providers cars or an enormous get companies investment utilisation is extremely crucial, and Nexis provides an effective utilisation engine to emphasize fleet utilisation according to a standard (or customisable) functioning few days. Not only can they show a complete utilisation percent however it may also break down the utilisation of specific property or advantage types.

Immobilisation & Geo-zone

Nexis has inbuilt immobilisation functions to remotely disable any investment whenever required by the user, this is finished on touch of a button or via an automated timetable. For example, you can elect to immobilise any resource when requisite or write a schedule to immobilise an asset at 6pm each and every day and un immobilise every morning at 7am.

Do you realize? AMI clientele count on this to ensure no business assets are widely-used beyond authorized working days, for security and a reduction in gas!

Nexis has additionally made isn’t hard to produce geo-zones and forbidden places, by just clicking on the chart. You are able to make within Nexis any preferred profile or measurements of geo-zone that your individual can then assign to an asset.

This is often a member of staff’s residence address or a niche site place, and Nexis will alert your of every fluctuations in or out of the geo-zone.

Did you realize https://datingranking.net/sugar-daddies-usa/ma/boston/? Geo-zones can be designed to just be effective at ready hours (eg 8am aˆ“ 6pm) or energetic 24/7. Similar reason is placed on a certain day or go out selection.

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